Aug 1, 2010

Withering Rose: Happy Day

This month has been such a revelation in restoring my ambition for the Elizabeth short, which is still a working title. I've shed tons of weight from my previous story and I have since developed a specific focus! Possibly the best thing I could of done is taken a few steps back and actually away from the idea of even creating a short film. Such a detour, but extremely necessary in the learning process, in my opinion. I've spent the last 3 months researching and understanding what I didn't before and I feel I'm beginning to exhaust my resources of inspiration, text, and scriptures. Better yet, in terms of storytelling, I have the urge of giving back to the Tudor world my interpretation of a small time in history, which is crazy when you think about it! I've found my purpose for this entire project! - and now I'm feeling confident and successful. More to come soon.

on another note- This month is the anniversary of when I first began this blog and also the idea of creating this film! I have come a long way