Aug 4, 2010

Withering Rose: oh what?!

oooh Kay.. wait one sinkin' minute! There has got to be a mistake here somewhere!. I just finished story boarding my most recent revision of my short, and I barely started 2 days ago! The last time I began story boarding for this thing, It was taking me months upon months to even meet the halfway mark. HAHA.

This time around, instead of writing my own stuff, I decided to borrow pieces of dialogue from "Courtship" ( sometimes referred as "The Lover and the Maiden") by Desiderius Erasmus published in 1523.

For my story, I replaced Erasmus's main characters with two royal guards that narrate in front of Elizabeth's privy chamber. Meanwhile, inside the chamber, Elizabeth and her maids of honor are driving the story per the narration. It's a interesting twist to Erasmus Courtship in which tells a story of how society viewed marriage and virginity amongst themselves in the 17th century.

Theres an interesting parallel with the story that allows me the opportunity to show how Elizabeth feels about her own virginity, her insecurities about the monarch vs. the new generation, and how the court views Elizabeth as the virgin, childless queen. If I could at least capture a hint of this interpretation of Elizabeths emotion, I think this would spark great debate to the Elizabethan andTudor fan community.

Now off to show some folks my storyboards for feedback.