Nov 11, 2008


I decided to dig up this ol’ project that I did for Bunkspeed which was used for a demo at this year’s Siggraph convention. I call It, Castle. Ha-ha! It looks like FINALLY the Cache project will be rapping up shortly, clearing up the air for an opportunity to pick up the Castle Project.

I don’t presume that I’ll have to change many things with the actual castle. I felt I did a pretty decent job for its original purpose. I think I may call up my buddy that’s still interning for Bunkspeed to see if I can come over and use their computers to render out a nice camera pan of the Castle. I’m thinking now of possible ideas of how I can introduce the castle solidly for my demo. I’m picturing Autumn, with lots of golden leaves with black tree trunks.. I have another side project that I will introduce here on blogspot soon, which is a walking spaceship. A couple of nights ago when I was passionately thinking about my demo plans before I went to bed, I pictured the spaceship doing its thing in its own scene, and then running into the Castle scene and flying off camera.. I think that would be a smooth transition with some continuity (which is the two most important elements I want to have in my reel- transitions and continuity baby!)..

Just a few thoughts before I head to bed.