Nov 9, 2008

Biking Goal

I can’t work on anything today and probably tomorrow as well because my computer is rendering a section of the cache project. Because the rendering time grew to an outrageous time, we’ve divided the scene into layers and split the rendering between the four of us. My part of the rendering has had my computer booked since last night and will carry it until probably early tomorrow. Sigh! I hate being forced to take a break from my projects! All the well for a good reason, I suppose.

I figured that this is the best time to bring up a goal that I’ve been discussing amongst my friends and family for a few months now.

First and foremost, I must say that in addition to spending countless hours in front of my computer, working on my projects, I’ve also adopted a healthy balance of riding my bike a few hours here and there. I’ve found that it’s the best way to clear my mind if I ever feel stressed, blocked, angry, confused and/or annoyed. Sometime I find myself biking for hours, feeding off of just my water bottle that I refill at every 711. When I come back home its easier to pick up on a project and get lost in it. It’s the best thing ever!

A while back I made the decision to take this new mode of meditation, and stretch it to a longer achievable goal of riding across America. Back then it was just a thought, which over time has evolved into an actual plan.

One thing that I found myself stressing upon stressing about is how I’m going to go about landing the right job immediately after school. This was a continuous thought that even when riding my bike was never solved or put to rest. It didn’t matter how much progress I was making in the direction of my demo reel, nothing was enough to give me a comfort and satisfaction about the coming future. The decision of biking across America immediately after graduation settled many of these anxieties. Because the entire trip will take no less than a month to finish, its given me an opportunity to focus on just my projects, and not about post school. I already know that when I’m done with school the only thing I’m expecting to do is ride my bike across America- nothing else. even when my school has meet and greets with “people from the industry”.. it doesn’t interest me because I already know what I’m going to do when I finish school..

This is forcing me to accept that all I need to worry about is that by Next summer I need to have my demo reel done and in the process of sending out to possible employers in the east coast. (and LAKIA in Oregon, or course) I’ll be giving all the companies a month (while I ride my bike) to review my reel before I begin calling everyone like crazy to land something. And if for some freak reason, I get a call while I’m still on the road, I’ll just pick up a flight to where I’m wanted.

I’m not expecting to find something in my favor within a month of graduation, however at least I’ll know that the demo reel that I mail out if going to be filled with work that I’ve invested all my time in.. and that, I did my best. The fact that Im choosing to ride my bike across the United States is also for a spiritual and mental exorcise. It will feed my mind with time for myself knowing that when I’m finally in career I will be fully invested in it.