Nov 6, 2008

I'm stepping it up, yall!

I've been fooling around with the Hair dynamics in Maya to add to my Character Tango.. It’s kinda difficult in finding info on this kind of stuff when you don’t know what to look for.. And as far as I know, my school doesn't teach Hair Dynamics. It’s actually more complicated than I thought! However I’m sure it will pay off because I'm liking the results so far, and I know that as soon as I explore more about this, it will add an additional element to my reel.

I'm still new to the Dynamics tab in general.. And hair is ALLLLL Dynamics.. I accidently found out when scrubbing the timeline that the hair reacts to time.. Except I must have the wrong setting because the hair goes from the image above- to absolute baldness with hair dangling at her waist... its pretty amusing. I'm sure in a few years I'm going to read this blog and laugh about it.

I remember when I first started school, I was so mesmerized with the fact that when you drag a file into the trash bin in an Apple, the little bin icon switches from an empty bin, to a bin with trash in it. I thought that was the coolest and most entertaining thing ever!... I still laugh about that.. Look at how far I've gone since then.. amazing? yes, I think so.