Nov 13, 2008

Space Ship with a Candy coat.

Here’s another character that I've talked about in recent blogs.. its rigged and has already been tested for animation which can be found on my YouTube page. I've upgraded the model since then; added a nice Candy coat of paint to the entire body, a cameleon flakes of Yellows, lime green, pinks, and purples.. I also added an accordion base that connects the Legs to the body because I found that the original design which only had holes, did not allow enough leg space forcing the legs to go right through the geometry. I’m liking the look that these "accordion leg covers" give to the entire character.. It’s a tad more believable.

The plungers for legs are still how there were before. The Bows however, I need to figure out a new rigging system. Despite the fact that they do work, it was more of a hassle trying to control the actual controllers.. They didn't correspond very easily. I'm thinking of other routes I can possibly take; like this quarter for example, I’m in a class that touches on dynamic simulations, and perhaps I can do something of that level to add gravity to the bows. This will let them react however they must with the movements of the ship itself.. That way I can just focus merely on the Ships animation and not so much on any secondary stuff.