Oct 21, 2008

Triangle Tango Poster

Art Nouveau inspired poster for Ms. Tango, a character I’ve been developing for some time. If you follow my YouTube account, you will know that Character Tango (temporary name) has already been rigged up. She now sits waiting for a nice facial. A Face rig that is.

Ms Tango was originally designed as an inspiration for the climax of my final demo reel. She still holds strong possession of that place on my reel. She’s everything a Ché finally should has; Beauty, sex appeal, singing abilities, rhythm and most importantly CHARACTER!

Modeled around the climatic vocals of Triangle Tango, which has an Italian/Argentinean sounding song from Corteo, Character Tango is a performer. Wide hip, an outrageous purple updo and largely designed high heels equate to the visual stimulation I crave for my viewers in a character.