Oct 21, 2008

Plan to Grab ATTENTION!!!!

Lakia is by far my number ONE choice of employment. I finally built up the courage to email them with my personal questions and worries about everything a hopeful graduate should worry about; a sort of a way to put my name out there…. Hopefully I can grab someone’s attention someday- well at least that’s how I felt for the last few days..

Obviously, my work is not yet ready to upload and submit for a demo reel, so my email response was very robotic. Ugh.. THATS IT!!! I’m putting my foot down! I decided that I’m not waiting for Portfolio Classes to choose the appropriate time for me to create work for my demo.. I’m beginning today! I already have the materials and concept.. I just need to put it all together.. I've decided that I’m going to finish the last perks of Character Tango and start the production of her purpose… to get me a friggin JOB!

What I had planned out for her originally is about a ten sec. lip sync/vocal animation.. Following an additional 20 sec. cool down which will display her design process, wireframe structure and rigging construction. All and all, I want to have a theatrical feeling to the entire showcase.

If all goes as planned, I’ll still use the final sequence for my ultimate reel.. But I feel it will be a beneficial move to have the Character Tango sequence completed, FIRST, to use as an attention getting for potential companies like LAKIA. This way, I don’t only talk the talk, but also show my walk.. If I grab someone’s attention.. I can then explain to them that I’m severely interested in their company but still have less than a year to complete my program.