Aug 15, 2010

Withering Rose: Voice Talent issues.

bitter sweet. I hired two amazing talents for characters in my film. Along came a voice from god via email. I immediately hired him for the interest of my film, but one of the original talents felt threatened. He quit before he delivered any audio to me, and I payed him in advance.

He claims he's being professional, but I beg to differ.


omg, his wife emailed me in his defense. She felt that my decision about introducing a new talent is the most "unprofessional and insulting" thing ever. The talent "is far too busy and far too talented to put up with this sort of nonsense from someone who is only offering him $30"..

I returned the email and apologized. I also informed her that her husband was actually the strongest voice I hired and that my intention wasn't to rid of him. It can go into more detail, but I rather not waste your time.

oh, and she also returned my $.