Nov 2, 2009

Withering Rose: Progress Update for November 2

Thus far, my story has shifted, yet again. I was persuaded and even challenged to approach my story without dialogue. The thought of it still terrifies the heck out of me for countless reasons! I've developed a passion for the dialogue I wrote; and cutting it out of the entire story is almost murder! Unfortunately, the reasons for eliminating the dialogue over weighted the obsession of why I wanted dialogue in the first place. The original screen play still exists.. and I find myself going back to it from time to time, adding more meat to it.

Stripping my screenplay from words was a very fast process, and it even slimmed my story by 90%! can u believe that!.. this means.. I can finally go back to calling my short.. well.. a short! Last night I started story boarding the first scene, which I continue tonight.

Also, to add to the checklist, this past weekend I finished a large portion of the modeling for Queen Elizabeth. It's looking Bad ASS! I also began modeling one of her outfits, which reveals somewhat of an expectation of Ncloth issues in the near future. Dun dun Dunnnnnn!