Oct 18, 2009

Withering Rose: First Step... ready for a milestone.

Alright.. as of late, late.. late last night, I finished my first full draft of the Screenplay. I plan to let it sit and soak this week while I read it over a few dozen times. Next weekend, hopefully I meet with the wonderful and talented Jeanette Bonds and we're going to go over the screen play together. I'm sure she'll rip me apart, but I can't wait for it!

I definitely feel accomplished because before today, my screenplay has been nothing but a messy stack of notes and information. Although I'm nowhere near a final story, I can't help but to think further into preproduction. I've crossed into untouched land, in terms of experience.. and I'm not sure how to go about producing, hiring.. or even contacting anyone for developing music. I'm almost positive that I want to take this story in a musical direction... but how to do that?.. that is the question.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has great bonus material, in which, Danny Elfman talks about an interesting way of how they created their music. .. I'll have to revisit that DVD..

God.. I need money.