Aug 17, 2009

Withering Rose: Introduction

While I steps forward into a new threshold, I'm feeling ready to pick up on a project that I initiated months back. Graduation is just a month away, and I am realizing that I need to create a stable environment to establish my creative root. I take my territory serious when it comes to creative development and where I stand now is not where I wish to be.

Where am I heading next? Perhaps when planning out an independent short, one must have a day job to survive and feed the project. I'm currently working at wonderful studio here in San Diego called DoubleTake Media Solutions. Since beginning as an intern, I've climbed the latter taking advantage of any opening door that presents itself. I've develop amazing friends but at the same time, I have also expressed possible plans of expanding to other studios, possibly in other states. The folks at DoubleTake being so humble, have encourage any decision I choose to make for my career. This leaves me in an exciting yet uncertain situation that only adds more to my worrisome plate.

By having my time split between working at DoubleTake, focusing on graduation, and organizing my final demo reel, I'm left with minimal time for myself. However, the little time that I manage to scrape is usually used daydreaming of what I currently call "1603- "Untitled". A few months back, like so many things, I began obsessing over a project. I found myself researching and reading.. sketching and conceptualizing... studying and organizing. My research got me pretty far and over time, it gave birth to it's own outline.

I'm ready to take a mini step away from day dreaming of a deserted concept. I am ready to reconstruct padding for a project so that I can hit the ground running after graduation. The hardest part of any solo project is to just begin, which I've already done. The best part of it all is that I think I'm adopting Sam Chen as my mentor. Like so many amazing people that I have encountered, Sam has inspired and focused my decisions and goals. Being an Independent film maker himself, he helped me picture a perfect road that I might want to embark.

I'm yet to decide how I want to treat this new branch to the ch├ęBEBE blog. I'm not sure how much information I want to post about what I'm creating. What I do know, is that I want to log my development as a director and creator to learn from experience; because the short film I create today is not going to be the same film I create tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

All my possessions for a moment of time. "E.T. - 1603"