Oct 16, 2008

Scope Project

I’m seeing progress in my sketches. Even my doodles are much more thought out, rather than the usual drawing a line for sake of a line. Even more, I think I can finally determine what I consider a sketch as appose to just a drawing. Sketches should be studies; visual planning and most importantly the underlining of a structured piece.
Just today I was driving my usual route to school, and I as I sat there on a red turning signal, I was braining storming a label that I can finally use to describe my forte. I thought to myself; considering my Sketch book is filled with character designs, it might be safe to call myself a Character designer. However, I hate to label myself as just that!.. I wish for more! I know more! I can DO more! I enjoy the idea of conceptualizing ideas. Having the opportunity to grad an idea and solidify it to become tangible. It is the very process of grabbing that idea, Drawing it out, create a 3D model representation, assembling the back bone to make it move, and breathing air to the object.. That’s my passion! AND, to make matters worse, I must insist in adding the art of animation and fundamentals of rigging..errr.. ahh.. let’s just say rigging in whole!
What do you call that?.. Hi, I’m a conceptual character rigging machine that animates with a dab of an artist on top, nice to meet you.

In other walks of life, this quarter (which I don’t even remember what quarter that is) I’m taking an upper division animation class called 2D Studio Animation, with Mr. Van Hamersveld. The class focuses on one single project the entire quarter. Each student is given a choice to choose an already published TV commercial audio clip from a selection in class. The assignment is to create a commercial advertisement using the product in the audio clip, using all original characters and it MUST be done in 2D only!
I’m using an old Scope mouthwash commercial that’s probably from the 50’s. I’ve tried doing a little research on the clip to find a better quality version of the audio.. however I’ve had no luck. All I found was a lousy YouTube clip of the commercial with the exact same audio, Hiccup sounds and all!

Here I have a character design for the main character named Chuck and his mother in law Momma. I figured I should try something different with Chuck; no special reason for his grounds of being a chicken.. it’s just for the sake of being odd.. He’s half chicken and half cartoonboy . Actually, Chucks design was based around Momma, which was a character that I designed a few months way back, she’s half woman 1/4 bull and 1/4 moose. I felt this project would fit Momma if I want to even consider her for my final reel. I like her deign.