Oct 15, 2008

Anyone who is anyone has a Spot where they Blog

I wish I may, I wish this might, be the first and only blog I write tonight. Yey!
I did it folks, I made it on BlogSpot! Do I feel like a professional now? Heck no, but it’s a start!

Like others, I too will post my goodies on here such as, projects progress, and career development plans. Ooo Goody!
I suppose I can take down my project album from MySpace since that is a place for friends and not a place to hold career diaries with pictures. Dun-dun-duuuunnnn!!

Inspiration for creating this spot, of course goes to P. Hall (3d animator).. He’s demonstrated a passion for his art, along with the struggles and lets downs that come with the territory. Hall has long paid off his dues and will finally find himself working for Blue Sky Studios in New York come November. Its great knowing that I have the luxury to read about his experiences via the net.. That guy's living it up!.. Kudos!

I will hopefully also do the same in the coming years with the records of my footprints on this very public diary!

In other News, Obama and McCain squared it off this evening with the last of three debates before the Presidential Election. In Behalf of the Chairman of Juridical from antifederalist and the The Constitution of the United States of America; I present the people of the united states and fans of my first blog with a Caricature of John McCain and Cindy McCain

Good day to you all.. Will soon Post work in progress!.