Oct 23, 2008

Project Cache

Here is a screen shot of a project that is now finishing itself up. I started modeling this Street scene a few months ago for a collaboration with a fellow GD classmate that was designing an ‘Old Urban Blues Casino’ for her portfolio. The project didn’t go very far on my end because of lack of time and it went straight to the end of the ‘to do list’. Fortunately, for myself and for a strong possibility of making it on my reel, I was given the opportunity to bring this scene out from the shadows for a group project. Since I’ve modeled the entire thing in Maya- I gave myself the task of Texturing it as well. Another group member is adding props to the scene, while another will add lighting and finally one person will commit themselves to add rain in combination with other effects. Thus far, it’s looking really great. I brought up the idea of adding a rat that will lead the camera from a high overview down an emergency staircase, finally ending to a pan eyelevel(framing snapshot below); the rat will exit from a telephone wire before the camera ends at eyelevel.