Oct 27, 2008

Caricature Character

You know, it’s ‘sluggish days’ that lack motivation like today that give productive days worth waiting for. It seems like if my computer didn’t magically turn off corrupting a file, then accidently saving over an important file must be around the corner. This weekend did not go in my favor whatsoever. However, I must let it go and say that it is ok.

Coffee is sitting in the kitchen because I know how I work; I must make progress in my checklist for my weekly projects list. If I don’t get what I feel is ‘a good days of work’ done, then sleep with come hard tonight. Unfortunately, my priority is to finish texturing the Cache Project, but that is far from reality. I have however, finished a Henri Matisse style painting of a character I’ve been developing since I left the Zoo. She’s yet given a name, but to me, she’s known as Caricature Character.

Originally a caricature almost created by accident, I managed to draw CC while hustling for a sale on one of the Zoos slow days. She brought me controversy and in return I promise her fame. Orange hair, smoking a beatnick cigarette with a hearted green outfit, the once infamous caricature now holds more of a foreign-esque appealing look. I’ve given CC a mere 4 strands of gray hair, with a goth-like, latte sipping outfit to appear intellectual, artistic, and somewhat mysterious.

Here I present a painting I’ve created of the most updated version of Caricature Character inspired in a Matisse style.