Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Here's an Update on Cache

Despite the fact that the Cache project is a group assignment, every single thing that you see in this render was done by me. Originally, I took up the task of texturing (not including modeling entire scene), but after our first progress meeting with the other guys.. It became very obvious that our lighting guy had no drive to invest time into the Cache Project. I figured that it would be most beneficial for the entire group if I took over the Lighting and reassign the remaining texturing to the other original lighting guy.

This Render Alone took about 51 minutes! Insane! You can see that there still needs some very basic texturing to be done.. Like for example, the lighting Posts, the window shades, and some Building beams. .. and almost the entire building 2nd on the left

Personally, I feel like the lighting thus far is, O.K. I still need to tweak a few things here and there. .. The Street needs to be a bit dark in shade in my opinion..

Other members of the Cache Group are also working on additions that will be added to the scene later consisting of; a Neon Sign that has animated lights, a bra Swing back and forth in the wind from the telephone wires.. A girls silhouette dancing on one of the windows… and of course the rain and puddles simulation. Someone was also talking about adding some fog.. but I dunno how that would work out.

On my personal ‘just in case I have extra time list’.. I would like to add some Christmas lights to give this Red-light district more of a festive feel.. right now, without the Neon Signs and dandling lingerie.. it sorta just looks like a plain Street.