Oct 11, 2010

Withering Rose: My poor withering fingers.

Progress on the set continues.

With the help of a 3d model mock up I had no trouble in beginning the set up for Elizabeths bedroom. Everything was pretty quick and stress free! Fabuulloousss.

Here, I've laid out some books to weigh down the ceiling, which I've glued onto its foam counterpart.

Cutting out 17 feet tall windows and adding the first stages of wood molding and trim

One of the toughest features I wanted to incorporate in Elizabeths bedroom, were these amazing three sectional windows which were inspired by Richmond Palace; this palace doesn't exist anymore, but its where Elizabeth eventually died.

Here's a great miniature of Richmond.. **Nerdy trivial. Between the nearest right, and the building in the farthest right (which is the chapel) is where Queen Elizabeths bedroom chamber would of been located. It's not clear if it would of been in the lower quarters or at the top.. but my bet is that it was on the top floor.

I've posted this before, but I just find it extraordinary! It shows Elizabeth sick, days before she was to die, looking down at the chapel from her bedroom window. I believe Richmond was one of the first palaces to have it designed to do this.

Another obvious and important design element to Elizabeths bedroom is the grand fireplace. I'm a little worried that it might be too big.. but, it'll do.

Here's the 2nd stage of molding detail to one of the walls

making supports for the stuff that will hold everything together!!! SUPER IMPORTANT!

Making sure everything fits

Adding the first coat of stain. Tonight I add the 2nd coat.. and perhaps finish with some extra details and probably add a coat of Acrylic to seal the damn thing..

Stay toon.. I mean tuned.