Mar 7, 2010

Withering Rose: Rainy March Update

I come to you from Cream Coffee Shop in University Heights, San Diego. My internet is down today and the repair guy can't come till tomorrow evening! agh.

After taking a week off of this project I returned.. tweaked some stuff and finally.. I think I have a nice grip around my story. The animatic is up and running and I've been spending this weekend basically editing down time.. and eliminating unnecessary shots. Jeanette along with some of her Cal Arts friends have been giving me feed back.. which is great!

Last month i emailed Sam a copy of my animatic.. His feedback was mildly seasoned with a positive response.. he basically told me that it sucked.. It was confusing, "ballsy" and he would prefer to read a synopsis before continuing his critique. Since then.. I've added an extra minute, then eliminated two minutes to the story. tonight I'll be resending him a revised version of my story along with the synopsis and other tidbits.

He also suggested possibly considering a narrator.. which Im still unsure about.. If I were to take the route of narration.. I might hire this talented kid I met in one of my ventures to Cal Arts... Im sure we can work something out so that we can do the score as well.. He impressed the hell out of me.