Mar 6, 2010

Cal Arts hates me

Owch, my second strike with Cal Art isn’t as painful as the first. Oh well, I didn’t get accepted for the fall semester, but maybe for 2011? Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise or maybe it’s a sign. Whatever the case may be, the pressure of deciding if I should go back to school and leave Doubletake is finally off my shoulders. It’s interesting that when life situations were piling up, I felt that my easy escape was CalArts- (that is.. If I got in, of course) –but as soon as I got the letter that regretted to inform me of the news.. everything in my personal life started to brighten up. – Also, my animatic for my short film is beginning to look very promising and I feel I’ll be done with this stage of it very soon. If I did end up going to cal arts this fall, my short film might have been thrown in the back burner.. which was undoubtedly a concern of mine.

It sucks though.. I have a feeling that when I do finally get accepted to Cal Arts.. I’m not going to want to go anymore. Third time’s a charm.