Dec 25, 2009

The Young Victoria vs. my short

I was able to watch The Young Victoria directed by Jean-Marc Vallée this evening, which was a great Christmas treat. I was pleased to enter the theatre without much knowledge of Queen Victoria and her era, therefore I judged the film in terms of story and entertainment.

Like “The Young Victoria” film, one thing I struggle with in the journey of conceptualizing my own short film is my subject matter. Like so many iconic figures, Queen Elizabeth is a story that’s been told by film makers since her death. To the general public, Elizabeth Tudor can be a dry topic with an even dryer understanding of why things were done in the Elizabethan manner. “The Young Victoria” was easily populated with beautiful costumes mixed with stunning sets, upon a screenplay picked from historical notes.. yet for me, it lacked depth, and understanding, more so – emotion.

I hope I am not on this journey to end up with a short film that only has pretty pictures and I do not wish to parallel “The Young Victoria”. Perhaps I picked an ambitions subject matter for my introduction since I clearly keep doubting myself.