Dec 23, 2009

Withering Rose: Recreating Richmond Palace

It's come down to creative liberty. I've reached the peak of my research capability, and I have gathered enough assets to comfortably proceed in creating the Bed Chambers of Queen Elizabeth in Richmond Palace. Although I won't have the luxury of an exact replica of the interior, I'm satisfied enough to accept and defend my interpretation.

The image on the right is my main reference when modeling my set in 3D. I luckliy found it in a book by Simon Thurley called "The Royal Palaces of Tudor England". I'm also keeping in mind the necessities of what my story requires within Elizabeth’s lodging and also the rare collection of Richmond Planace paintings like the one found above.

Overview Elizabeth's Bed Chambers through her Privy Chambers. In progress*

Closer view of Elizabeth's Bed Chambers.. in progress*