Oct 12, 2009

Withering Rose: Progress Update..

The most fascinating and probably most time consuming part thus far of my film is research. Behind every nook and cranny in Elizabeth's Life is another character that I find necessary to further study in order to fully grasp Elizabeth's character.. Besides Elizabeth, I've found that, Robert Cecil, and John Dee are two character in which I've spent most time on.

I enjoy writing and researching, however, I have come to terms that I am not entirely brilliant at the subject. Nonetheless, I continue, day after day, with each consumption of coffee and stolen internet at local coffee shops. In of which, I sit, not feeling like I've entirely made progress .. Its literally overload of information! But honestly, researching is the easy part.. anyone can research.. the creative part is putting it all together so that it's entertaining. ; although, I may add.. I have manage to begin my screenplay and currently on my second draft!

And so I guess that is where I stand.. On my 2nd Draft.. and without much surprise..the writing process has stopped due to lack of information.. I'm rewriting 60 % of story...

Without much further ado, I must continue.. But first.. here's an interesting Image I found on John Dee.. Amazing, and super inspiring concept for his design and set.