Aug 4, 2009

Great Start to my Siggraph experience.

I missed my flight. Of course, leave it to me to confuse my departure days! I feel like a complete idiot, how could this happen to me?; I was actually supposed to fly out late last night! These past two weeks have been absolutely murder trying to prepare my demo reel for a smooth planned hunt for jobs. I woke up this morning feeling like I forgot something.. and I figured it was probably cold feet. for some reason I felt the need to check my flight...and what do you know..

Luckily, my roommate was available to take me to the airport. I pleaded my case with a Delta representative, dodged the cancelation fee in exchange for my demo reel and still received a blessing... "Good luck young man"..

I depart from San Diego at 1PM today..

I missed my first day of Siggraph.