Jun 9, 2009

Siggraph 2009

Need I say that I'm broke? I just booked my flight to New Orleans for the 2009 Siggraph conventions with hopes of somehow... I dunno... LAND A JOB?!?!? Considering my financial crisis, purchasing a flight to the home of Madri Gras is probably my worst investment ever- however, at the same time, it's probably my best "art career" move besides school.


Day 1: arrive at 8:12am on August 4rd in Louisiana.. Ransack the entire convention before closing at 6PM. Hit every single booth with my demo reel and resume. Retire and sleep somewhere.. (Haven’t figured that one out yet)

Day 2: Make my way to all the booths for a 2nd time, but this time make contacts and connections- Meet and Greet.. Submit reel and resume again.. Retire and sleep somewhere.. (Haven’t figure this one out either..)

Day 3: Last day in Louisiana. Depending on how the first two days went, I'll either continue making connections or just roam the streets of The Big Easy.. Plane departs at 6PM..

arrive back in San Diego at 9PM. Jesus help me.. How am I going to eat?