May 14, 2009

Robert Cecil Character Concept

Sir Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury and Secretary of State plays a key role in the short story I am developing. Along with a concept sketch, here is a background of his character.

Robert Cecil is a man of law and peace. As a politician, Cecil is a skilled and effective manipulator that ensured a steady rise to the top. His fiscal policies, although somewhat extreme in many cases, shows careful thought and planning. Yet behind everything, there is an unquestionable desire for personal success and wealth, something he achieves admirably even if it’s at the expense of others. When it is his cue to be loyal, no man could exceed him; but no sooner does the Queens whishes or opinions run counter to his feelings, than he is loyal only to himself.

Slightly crooked, humped back young gentleman; dwarfish in statue; reddish hair, a thin tawny beard with large pathetic greenish colored eyes; Cecil is conscious of his own physical defects which keeps him comparatively humble.