Jan 5, 2009

ugh Blend Shape issues!

I'm trying to Rig the face to my dragon character- But I've come to a huge Stop! Of course Issue upon Issue right?!!.

The problem I bring to the table today is when I move the blend shape sliders for example, some of the character translates a tiny bit in the X axes when it shouldn’t. If I move another blendshape- the mesh moves further down the same axes, and so on.. parts that are not binded and are just parented to a joint (like the eyes and teeth) stay put which means Its probably some kind of history thing... (hummm?!?)

I've tired Deleting the non deformer history, and nothing seems to work. Blendshapes were not frozen so what could be the issue? Every single thing that I have ever Rigged gave me this same problem! I dunno what I'm doing wrong. I follow the forums and tutorials exactly the way its instructed.!!
Back When I was riggin the Tango character, I had to stop for a few months because I couldn't solve this exact same problem.. now I don't remember what I did before except redo it fifty times until it finally worked.. I'M NOT ABOUT TO RERIG THIS CHARACTER 50 TIMES! there has to be something I'm Missing. I've emailed my academic director and a few other teachers.. Hopefully they respond with an answer because otherwise I'm going to start a drinking habit while I waste my valuable winter break doing NOTHING! AHHHH!

Watch this clip of the issue while I craw into fetal position and cry myself to sleep.