Dec 14, 2008

Tango for the week.

When I first heard the sound track that I chose for my Demo Reel about a year ago, I was profoundly inspired! With the vocals of the woman signing- I hardly put much of an effort to come up with the design for the Tango Character. Today however, I have reached my limit of hearing the same verse, over- and over- and OVER again. I think it might be affecting my animation ear and sense for timing. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to fill my satisfaction.
I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for in this animation.. but whatever it is- I still have not seen it. I’m definitely heading in the right direction because I see about 90% of the light, however this tunnel is never ending. I’m in need of two things; the first is an additional set of eyes that can see something I don’t and secondly, I think I’m going to take a couple days away from this project. Its due in three days.. So I’m taking the risk of finishing it the night before its due..

Nonetheless, Here’s a progress Playblast with a Rendered Dress.. I’m actually really digging the black and white with the colored dress… I did this originally because Tango doesn’t have any textures assigned to her.. which I think I’m not going to bother with anyways..