Dec 11, 2008

Quarter 9- Week 10- Coming To An End!

I found out that yet another teacher is leaving us to pursue and further his career. Unfortunately, he's one of the strongest teachers we have left.. Leaving us with a selection of mediocre and washed up artist to select as career mentors! WTF!!#*%- it seems like they're all dropping like flies. Man I tell ya- A.I is not making it easy for us to develop as marketable artist. I think I had a bit of a panic attack today when I was thinking about some of the replacement teachers we’ve been getting, and it seems that the quality of our education is continuously spiraling down the drain. It’s certainly not what I expected considering how much money we students fork out! .. Sometimes I feel like we’re getting raped and the entire world is laughing at us!- but a rule of thumb that I’ve try to exorcise is to think positive about anything and everything!! I struggle to encourage the sobering side of all these superficial issues.. I must check and remind myself that I’m here, alive, healthy, and doing what I do best- Creating!
At the end of the day.. none of that petty school politics matter..

In another case- I sit here.. trying to render out a pass for the Space Ship sequence.. But every time I look at the render process- I notice something that needs fixing.. which forces me to go in- fix it- and start the render over again.. ugh.. it's the worst! Hopefully I finally fix everything and I will awake tomorrow morning with a nice rendered scene.