Dec 28, 2008

Logo PlayBlast

Here’s what I’ve come up with as far as a “logo”.. I think I’m trashing the whole fish skeleton thing- (Arnaud predicted I eventually would..Bah-ha!) I think I like this Intro for my reel,having the fish reveal the ChéBEBE logo its very sleek… As far a font, I’m not sure what I will pick.. I also don’t feel very comfortable in adopting the whole fish thing as my own.. its too.. religious for my taste. I do think that I will leave this fish idea as is and advance the ChéBEBE intro for every reel I put out.. I think that would be fun. It would give a fun exorcise setting the bar of what’s to be expected. Of course, this was inspired by the shorts that Pixar puts out for every film they release..

If it’s a tradition for them, it’s will be a tradition for ChéBEBE