Dec 23, 2008

Fishy Movements

Man, I’ll tell ya’, if I lived with my momma and had the luxury to eat and sleep as I wish, along with the encouragement and love that she gives me, I’d be 100 times more inspired to work on meaningful projects like this one every single hour of the day! It feels great coming up with a concept and watching it become reality on screen within a few days.. Things move much swiftly where there are no technical issues that usually arise from lack of knowledge. I’m on FIRE ya’ll!!!!! Watch out now!

My fish is ALIVE!!! AHHH!.. I would have posted this last night, but there were some Ncloth issues that I needed to figure out and my bed was looking mighty scrumptious. I had to give in and wait to deliver ya’ll some much awaited new material.

Nonetheless, Here I present a playblast turnaround of my fishy in action.. It's a basic swin cycle of three key frames looped in place, so I’m predicting that the fins will move much more realistic once I move the actual character around. This rig is really tricky yet only requires delicate movements based on the interaction with the the pivot and gravity. Furthermore, any kind of abrupt movements causes the entire character to eat itself in a vortex.. I might be limited on how much "over the top squash and stretch" I want to do..

but.. over all, it still will do just fine with the limited movements..