Nov 19, 2008

Tango Character Set Back

I found myself in the school library looking for some tutorials for Hair Dynamics for the Character Tango.. I still cannot find anything that will suite what I have going on.. So rather than finding what I originally went for, I actually came across a few amazing 3d picture books of some voluptuous woman renders.. I have to admit, I was terribly intimidated because how great they looked. I decided to drive back home and revamp my character.

The original model had the dress built into the body with no legs underneath. This made the dress very stiff looking when she walked and the cleavage look boxy where the dress met the skin- certainly not very convincing. This ever going progress with Triangle Tango has been stopped and reversed back to around stage 5 ( compared to being in Step 92). I’ve started with a nude base model with Legs, and no hair. I’m currently giving a try of Hair dynamics and also trying Ncloth. Both are extremely foreign to me.

I’ll be also redoing the texture and material of her skin.

-Sigh.. I hate back tracking.. But it will be rewarding in the long run.
Here’s a render of her hair bun goin all crazy!.. AHHHHH!