Nov 16, 2008

My Adopted San Diego Route.

Yesterday I was stuck in bed because I managed to somehow twist my neck- ugh, very painful.. What a waste of a day. This morning however, I felt way better! Worked away on my Scope mouthwash animation which I can safely say will be about 50% completely by tonight…

I also spent a good chunk of my day riding a route that I’ve come to adopt as my own. I begin here at my home in downtown and the farthest point is UCSD in La Jolla. The ride is amazing! What’s great about my route is that for about 6 miles all I get is inclining because La Jolla sits on a hill; but once I make my return back home, there is a road in which I take that has a stretch of about 3 miles down hill with no stops. La Jolla has some of the best sunsets that I've ever seen.... definitely worth the ride... This is my 2nd time fully completing the entire route. The first time I got a flat about 3/4 of the way and needed to call for a ride.. Here I mapped out my route which I just figured out is about 30.1 miles. Not too shabby considering that next summer I’ll be embarking in a 3,000 mile bike ride Across the U.S!